End of the year

A flying fish or a zeppelin?

December has been busy with friends, family and food. I expect that many of you have also experienced a flurry of activities around the holidays. I mostly enjoy the commotion but need moments, or days, of quiet and solitude. Our perch on Blue Mountain Road gives us  a lovely, calm view of life with visits from many birds and beasts. We’ve had frigid temperatures, warm, sunny days, and snow, in our changeable Colorado winter.  

I spent some time baking goodies to share with friends and family ─ walnut crescents, cuccidati, nut roll.

We met up with friends at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art holiday party. Everyone dressed up, eager to celebrate together.

Girlfriends ─ Ana Maria, Sherry, me, Jane.

Sherry, Jamie and Sherry’s mom, Suzy, came for Christmas Eve dinner. That afternoon, Zoë, Bud and I made sweetcorn tamales to accompany the salmon Bud would smoke. We had a lovely time with these dear ones.

Zoë in the kitchen.

My sister Susan and husband Charles hosted the Colorado family for Christmas dinner (and Thanksgiving).  The center of attention was, of course, Corey and Liz’s daughter, little Lilikoi, eleven months old and just beginning to walk. A delight to watch her explore the world.

So, here we are about to begin a new year. I know we’ll have new challenges and opportunities. I wish you the best of luck in navigating it all. Many thanks to all you loyal readers.

HAPPY 2023!

5 thoughts on “End of the year

  1. Just lovely. You 5 women look happy as can be. In fact, everyone does. Thank you for a wonderful year Barbara. You’re the best.


  2. “Oh yum” and “How lovely” my reactions to your end of year message! Happy and healthy going forward, love, Beth

    On Sat, Dec 31, 2022, 3:19 PM How I Learned to Cook, an Artist’s Life ─


  3. Thank you Barbara. You’ve written a wonderful nd delicious send off to a strange year. Hoping the best for you, Bud and Zoe in 2023.


  4. Happy New Year Barbara and Bud! I relish the time we have spent together in the last few weeks. Christmas Eve with Zoe and you and Bud (and my Mom) was just so special and the food !! You did not mention the rhubarb curd tart mmmmmm. xoxoxoxoxoox Sherry


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